My Sunday Photo: Emergency Kitty

Let’s just say that I figured this was a week for My Sunday Photo to be emergency kitty pictures!
Mr Tinks peers round laptop

Mr Tinks regal


9 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo: Emergency Kitty

  1. Love the cat peeking out from behind the laptop. My cats always like to “help” with my writing.

  2. Love the photo popping out from behind the laptop. It looks like s/he hasn’t got a body!

  3. What a little cutie, I love the top photo

    Thank you for linking up

  4. The first shot is so “I see you!!!”

  5. You chose well, we definitely all need some cute stuff to detract from the horrors!xx #MySundayPhoto

  6. That’s a fabulous photo – such a cheeky little pose! #MySundayPhoto

  7. Love this so much, what a cheeky little one. #MySundayPhoto

  8. That is a cat with attitude that like to get into everything!

  9. What a cute photo ^_^

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