Crazy Sexy Love Notes

So a few days ago I did a little review of the Fairy Tarot, and when I placed my order for that deck, I also ordered the Crazy Sexy Love Notes Oracle deck. They arrived on the same day but I wanted to review them separately so there wasn’t one huge, long post. You can see my unboxing of the Fairy Tarot and Crazy Sexy Love Notes on my YouTube channel. Anyway, long story short; I love them!
Crazy Sexy Love Notes

They come in a good quality, Hay House, matte box, the card stock is good and there is no book. The first card you see when you open it up is a note from the creator and the artist and a little explanation of what they wanted to achieve with the deck.

The cards are double sided; one side has an image with a key phrase on, the other side has a deeper explanation of the card. This does, as some people have noticed, make shuffling a little difficult as you can always see one side, but I have found myself focused on the amazing colours not the text when I’ve shuffled normally, although I have mostly been shuffling and drawing the cards with my eyes closed when using this deck.

Personally, I adore the artwork. It’s beautiful and relaxed, calming yet fun. And the messages are just awesome, so many wise words in one deck!

I have found the energy of the cards to be really lovely to work with too, like a big hug. I really enjoy using them, they feel like an old friend even though I’ve had them under a week!Crazy Sexy Love Notes

I’m new to reviewing decks so if there’s anything else you want to know or feel I should include please let me know in the comments, or grab me on Twitter.

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