Bat out of Hull

true rockersSaturday night saw me partying, in a fashion, for the first time in a long while. There was a local ex-pat, who also happens to be a singer, performing at the local English Bar, The Red Lion. Said singer goes by the name, “The Bat Out Of Hull,” due to the rock and soul he sings, and he was cracking! I love a bit of classic rock, me!

Our next door neighbour, Thierry, was also performing, accompanying Richard on the guitar, and he was pretty awesome too! He’s actually a guitar teacher so I’m wondering if he might give me the odd lesson at some point!

Anyway, my socialising essentially consisted of hiding behind my camera all night, but y’know! Despite all the photos I took I’m actually quite disappointed with most of them. The low light and my refusal to use flash meant I had to keep the ISO low so the results are grainy 🙁 I’m sure there’s a way to avoid that in low lighting but I don’t know it at the moment, *adds to list of things to learn.*

Anyway, it was a great night and, despite being knackered, I had a faubulous time! Wahey for ex-pat social lives and voila (you can see the rest of my photos on my flickr):

The bat out of hull

the bat out of hull




bat out of hull

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